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What is a

Spiritual Director?

Spiritual direction is the practice of accompanying people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with God, or grow in their own personal spirituality. A Spiritual Director is a companion, helping you connect with and discover where God is present to you in the day-to-day circumstances of your life ~ big or small, painful or joyous. Spiritual direction is not about telling you how you should live your life, but helping you to find your own way on this mysterious and enchanting journey.

We’re each of us on an individual spiritual path with our own unique gifts to contribute to the world. Being attuned to our inner self and the movement of the spirit within will shape what flows out. If we can live in a way that is more present to ourselves, we will be equipped to be more present to others in a compassionate and empowering way. There are many times in life when a spiritual director can be helpful ~ times of transition, decision making, facing a painful situation, times of loss, seasons of restlessness, being unsure of what path to take next, all of these and more can be greatly helped by having a spiritual director as your companion along the way.


what you can expect from your

Spiritual Director

I aim to help you live from your authentic, true self and to discover new ways of being present to life in all its fullness. My role is to be compassionate, hospitable and kind companion on your journey who will listen and respond without judgement.

I will create and hold a safe sacred space in which you can explore and discover more about yourself, about God and about your relationship with others. My role is not that of an advisor, nor is it to push or pull you in certain directions. It is, however, my great pleasure to help you connect with your heart and soul; to hear what your authentic life is saying to you and to listen for the still small voice within.

From our times together my aim is that you will grow more and more into the fullness of your true self and live the abundant, meaningful life that is yours to live, in increasing freedom from the expectations that you and others place on your life.

An alternative to personal spiritual direction is group spiritual direction which, is available for people wanting to walk alongside others or their friends with a Spiritual Director, to gain insight in how to listen well and respond prayerfully. It is a rich experience which brings a dimension which isn’t possible in one to one sessions, inviting honesty and vulnerability with the rest of the group within a safe, confidential space.

Although I myself am a Christian with a deep love for and faith in the Trinity, I am very happy to accompany people from all faiths and backgrounds, including those who don’t affiliate with any particular religious tradition. As a spiritual director, I welcome anyone regardless of age, colour, gender, background or belief, and whatever name they might use for God / the Divine / the Ground of all Being / the Supreme Being and more besides.

Personal Spiritual Direction

Personal spiritual direction sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis either in person at my home in East Devon, UK or via online video link. Each session lasts for about an hour and they commonly take place every two weeks depending on individual needs and circumstances.

Group Spiritual Direction

An opportunity to journey with others in a meaningful way by hearing their current story and offering space, compassion and a considered response. As well as sharing your own story, group spiritual direction provides you with the privilege of learning to journey well with others.

Workshops & Retreats

Throughout the year I will be hosting and co-hosting a number of one day workshops and weekend retreats as a means to further explore your spiritual journey and to facilitate personal growth. These will take various forms with different focuses, and be held in the beautiful surroundings of SW England.

Introducing The Soul Coach

Nicky Temple

Although I attended Sunday School and Church in my youth, I didn’t really begin my spiritual journey until the age of 17. During the 30+ years since, my faith has been central to my life and has seen me through all my life experiences. I have developed a strong value for living a contemplative life and highly honour silence as a spiritual practice as I know how life-changing, rich and meaningful they can be. It is through centering prayer, letting go and practising stillness that I personally have experienced the most transformation in my life.

I understand what it is to go through times of great loss, pain and confusion. My own life journey has taken me through many wilderness seasons, including coming to terms with childlessness, as well as many other forms of grief and suffering. I have great compassion for people and it is my desire to be available as a companion on this beautiful journey of life. I don’t present myself to you as someone with all the answers but as a companion guide who themselves has struggles navigating the ups and downs of life.

I live in East Devon with my husband Mike and our Yellow Labrador Moth. We have recently settled back into the UK following a decade of adventure which has taken us to America, Germany, Wales, Canada (for four years) and France. Although the transition back to living here has been and continues to be challenging, we love being nearer family and friends and soaking up all that this area offers. I love the outdoors, watching Moth run in and out of the sea for a stick, reading, food and flat whites!

I have been trained as a Spiritual Director at the renowned Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Nicky is a true contemplative at heart and has lived the contemplative life for many years. She is a wise guide whose heart is set on God, and will accompany you with compassion, creativity, kindness and gentleness in your journey with God.

Natalie Baxter Strange

Sustainable Faith Amsterdam School of Spiritual Direction

Moth aged three months

Our home in East Devon area of outstanding natural beauty

As a spiritual director I have found what I was made for and it really brings me alive. I love creating an environment in which people feel safe, and it is an honour when they make themselves vulnerable by sharing their deepest desires and personal challenges with me.


  • Personal spiritual direction  ~ £45 per session

Session lasts up to one hour
First session free

  • Group spiritual direction  ~ £90 per session

For up to 3 people
Session lasts up to two hours
First session free

Personal and group sessions can be held at my home in East Devon or online via Skype / FaceTime / Zoom


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Testimonials for the soul coach

Feedback from Nicky’s spiritual direction clients


Spiritual direction with Nicky has been life enhancing for me. When we started I immediately felt that she valued my life story and showed understanding and engagement in all the aspects of my life. I have been struck by the kindness that it is when somebody takes their time to facilitate your processing and give you a framework for deep conversation with God. Some of our sessions have helped to transform my perspective, and allowed me to connect with my hearts desires and make room for them to lead the way in the decisions I make.

Nicky asks questions that explore why I am doing what I am doing and getting to the heart of the matter. This has enabled me to make different choices in my life from a healthier place. If you are unsure what spiritual direction could be for you, for me Nicky has been a friend alongside, a wisdom companion who values my heart and is an assistant in my heart journey with God – this is so precious and I am deeply thankful to her!


I have really valued my monthly Spiritual Direction sessions with Nicky over the past year. I wasn’t quite sure what Spiritual Direction would look like initially but quickly learnt that it can be about anything, and is totally guided by whatever I bring to that particular session.

We start each time with a few minutes of silence and then there is space and permission to talk through whatever I want – big or small – and Nicky asks brilliant questions, listens carefully and responds with wisdom, insight and sensitivity to Holy Spirit. I always come away with something, whether that’s a new practise, a word or picture from God, a new perspective on a season I’m in or a practical tool to use in a specific situation.


Before I took the decision to reach out to Nicky, past happenings in my life had damaged me, locked me away and held the potential for a complete loss of hope and faith. I knew that, unless I could move on from that dark place full of pain and hurt, I would be completely overcome by it all. Life’s happenings had, like several massive waves, thrown me again and again against the sand and, no matter how hard I tried, I had failed to find the higher tide of faith, trust and hope that could help me swim through with renewed strength and joy. My life had stalled.

Nicky was recommended by a friend, but even so, reaching out to anyone for me was a momentous step to take. My first session with Nicky, though painful to tell of my ‘story so far’, revealed a glimpse of something new… that my journey was worthwhile! Though I had a way to go to restore trust and faith, I now had a companion along the road who could direct and guide me, who can give me hope and who can help me get back on the way forward when I stumble.

Nicky has encouraged me to face my worst fears, to allow myself to ‘let go’ and to be patient, but, most important of all, to trust my journey of unique learning and discovery. Nicky has converted my fear to joy, my impatient ‘fix-it’ approach to one of peace and patience. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone who is struggling to reach out to Nicky.


Nicky creates a safe tranquil space where I have been able to share my journey. She shows understanding and gentleness as I bring my deepest needs to God. I have changed and moved into deeper areas in my spiritual experience as a result. This has brought solace and courage to go further in my personal walk with God. I can thoroughly recommend Nicky as a wise discerning Spiritual Director.


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