A companion to walk with you through life’s journey


The response I get from most people when I say I’m a Spiritual Director is often bemusement. For many it’s a term they haven’t heard before, although it’s actually been in use for a long time. Personally I don’t think the title Spiritual Director describes the role adequately – in fact, it doesn’t involve directing at all! I prefer Soul Coach (as opposed to Life Coach or Body Coach), or perhaps spiritual companion.

In a nutshell a Spiritual Director or Soul Coach walks alongside people in their spiritual journey, helping them explore the soul, faith, God and spirituality. They are found in many different faith traditions and can be a wonderful aid to those seeking and travelling a spiritual journey.

Here are 10 reasons to connect with a Spiritual Director / Soul Coach.

1. Explore and make sense of your experiences of God (or your word/ expression of God).

In relationship with a Spiritual Director you are free to talk about your experiences of God in a safe, non-judgemental, accepting space. Your Spiritual Director will listen and help you make sense of those experiences.

2. Deepen your spiritual journey.

For many who do have spiritual direction, their spiritual journey and relationship with God is the most important part of their life. Their Spiritual Director will help guide them more deeply into their walk with God through listening, conversation, contemplation, asking questions and prayer.

3. Help you make decisions and changes.

Decisions both large and small are required frequently in our lives, and it can be difficult to know which path to take. A Spiritual Director will help you discern the way forward by exploring desires, help you consider options and to connect with the answers that are often already inside.

4. Discover what is yours to bring to the world.

It can take many years to discover what brings us fully alive and what gifts we have to offer the world. A Spiritual Director will help you discover what brings you joy, contentment and fulfilment, and help you find, within God and yourself, the courage you need to say yes and step out.

5. Share life’s struggles, fears, desires and joys in a safe space.

These emotions (plus many more) are the stuff of life. We all struggle, experience anxiety and walk through places of loss and pain. A good Spiritual Director will provide a space for all of these feelings to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Nothing is off limits and everything is received with compassion and kindness. Raw honesty in the form of innermost thoughts, feelings and struggles all have their place. It’s amazing how much it helps simply to be heard.

6. Develop new spiritual practices and rhythm’s of life.

There are many practices that can be very helpful to you on your journey of spirituality. A Spiritual Director can help you to discover ways that work for you, helping you create rhythms of life that make taking this journey more sustainable, enjoyable and meaningful.

7. Healing from wounds both present and past.

Life is tough at times and can leave its mark on our interior world. This mark can sometimes be one that makes life more difficult or creates challenging behaviours. We can become negative, angry, cynical or bitter. A Spiritual Director can help navigate to a place of healing and restoration.

8. Receive encouragement, be truly heard and have a companion on life’s journey.

Being deeply heard and seen is hugely transformative and powerful. Someone who listens to your story as it unfolds in a safe, non-judgemental space; accompanies you through life’s struggles and challenges; is not afraid to go to the dark places even when you are; and celebrates the joy with you, is a gift and can make a big difference to the day to day of life. This is what a Spiritual Director provides.

9. Get spiritually unstuck.

Sometimes life and our spiritual journey can feel stagnant, dry and immovable. You might feel stuck or flatlined, either through circumstance, emotion or simply the day to day of your life. A Spiritual Director will help loosen these stuck places and open a place of movement again.

10. Help you live from your true essence and become the true you.

Although this is number 10 it doesn’t mean it’s the least important! To live authentically and be truly you is the gift the world wants from you more than anything else. A good Spiritual Director will help you identify and dismantle what is false, what you have created as persona, what you have put on to hide the real you, and to reveal what is true about who you are. They will help you to discover and be your true self, and the joy and meaning that comes from living from this place.

If you’d like to find out what it’s like having Spiritual Direction, I offer a free hour long taster session.  To find out more about me and to book a time, please visit my homepage.