…Coaxing all my cares to unravel into peace

Listen to this meditation as you welcome sleep as a way to let go, come to stillness, rest and peace. Hear the beautiful words of blessing as a threshold into deep sleep and restoration.

Move towards sleep with a sense of hope for the new day that will arise.


As I lay down to sleep,

May the guardian angel

Watch over me,

Coaxing all my cares

To unravel into peace


As darkness within

Is wed to darkness without,

Freed from the weight of light,

Let my eyes sleep,

Relieved of all intensities.


Let my imagination

Trawl the compressed seas

To bless the dawn

With a generous catch

Of  luminous dream.


May this new night of rest

Repair the wear of time

And restore youth of heart

For the adventure

That awaits tomorrow.


From To Bless the Space Between Us by John O’Donahue



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