Look – your life a candle, this day a match.


What Fire Comes to Sing in You

Jan Richardson

This blessing

had big ideas

about what it wanted

to say,

what it wanted you

to know,

to see.

This blessing wanted

to open your eyes

to the joy that lives

in such strange company

with sorrow –

wanted to make sure

to tell you,

lest you forget,

that not matter how long

it seems absent,

no matter how quiet

it becomes,

joy has never been far from you,

holding a space

of celebration,

watching for you,

humming as it

keeps vigil.

But now that

it comes time

to speak it –

comes time to

lay these words

on your brow,

your beating heart –

all this blessing

can think to say is

Look –

your life

a candle,

this day

a match.

Strike it and see

what blazes,

what fire comes

to sing in you.

From: The Cure for Sorrow: A book of blessings for times of grief. By Jan Richardson

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