You are waiting

Lungs exhale to emptiness and there
in the still, quiet space is oxygen
I breathe again, deep, wide, full.
When all is empty, you are waiting.

Leaves fall exposing barren branches
The soil, ever hungry consumes the fallen dead
Roots push, searching, reaching. Nourished.
When all is dead, you are new life.

Rain spits upon the earth, turning everything to mud
Skin-drenched walks with a happy wet dog.
Rubber boots, damp towels, rinse and repeat tomorrow
Where there is rain, you are the sun waiting to shine
You will pour out warm rays… in time

My heart beats to the rhythm of endings
The path narrows, disappears. I think I’m lost
Then I remember the lost are found by Him
The coin, the sheep, the son… me
He runs, I fall, he runs again.
Catching, holding, reminding
Over and over.

Endings are only beginnings in disguise
It’s the way of the path, the way we must walk if we are to grow.
Death is the path that leads to life
A circular dance of wisdom, grace and love

Will I die… again, again, and always again?
Will I stay this course, this journey of never endings?
Or will the mirage of a safer, surer path entice me into its illusion?
Do I want to live a lie or live fully alive?

I know, in the very depths of my being,
beneath the mind’s clamour for false comfort
that this is THE WAY
I know that suffering and joy entwine to make life full
I know that endings give way to something new

You are waiting at the place where this path ends
There you take my hand