Anchor to what’s true

I spent a wonderful weekend visiting a very precious friend that I’ve known for 27 years. We’ve been through a great deal over the decades and have journeyed with each other’s lives continually during this time. There’s never enough time to catch up properly by phone so when we get together we talk until everything’s been said – which normally takes at least a weekend!
It’s a good feeling to be truly heard, known and seen. I went on this particular weekend with the need to be reminded of who I am and time with my friend brought that reminder. It anchored me back to my true self and nestled me firmly back into what Jesus says about me. Life can sometimes cause us to question what we normally know to be true about ourselves. We can enter times of doubt where we feel wobbly, a little insecure and out of place. My friend helped reorient me in a beautiful, affirming way. As I travelled home, I pondered our time together, my anchoring, my remembering of the truth about myself. I was also reminded of how many things can do this for us, if only we have time and space to see. I know nothing can replace those centering times of intentional contemplative practice but God has also surrounded us with so much that, if we allow it, can bring stillness, rest and reassurance to a weary soul.
For me the gentle rhythm of a walk, of putting one step in front of the other settles my heart. To stop and breathe deeply lifting my head up to look through tree branches to the sky above. To watch a dog playing with a stick or a child giggling. To get warm again after being in the cold or to sit in the sun whilst placing the doing to one side for a moment. The smell of a cut orange, the crunch of apple, the sound of the sea, to listen to good music and allow ourselves to move to its rhythm. The list is personal and endless – if we allow it, if we will be present. The creator is all around, in every moment. There are continual invitations to stop, just for a moment, to take a breath and be anchored to what is true, what is real and what brings life. These moments remind us of who we are and re-settle us into our true belonging. The Holy Spirit is always offering, inviting, providing, all we have to do is stop – for a moment and breathe it in.