Awaken to life

A creative retreat 

Discover the true beauty of your inner spirit, learn to love your unique self more deeply, uncover the riches of your soul and connect with the God who delights to call you home.

We will use the compass as our guide by exploring its four main points.

Each point of the compass allows space for us to connect more deeply to our lives and what is happening below their surface. In doing so there is space to notice who we are in this moment of our existence, where we may need to make changes and where we’re being invited to bring the gift of ourselves to the world.

In the beautiful setting of Othona, take time to listen deeply, hear the Divine invitations that are yours at this time, notice what you need and allow space for your true self to flourish and come alive more than it ever has. 

Alongside silence, guided mediation and lectio-divina, you will be given the opportunity to engage creatively through various mediums from paint and pastels, fabric, collage, clay/ plasticine to freestyle writing and lego.

We will also welcome nature to play her part and offer her gift. Using colour, form, shape and words intuitively and in union with the Divine Spirit we can access different places within ourselves giving us the potential for deeper insight and new ways of seeing.

Don’t be put off by the invitation to creativity. We will not be creating works of art or seeking masterpieces, rather we are using creativity as a vehicle for deeper connection to ourselves and God. No creative experience or “skill” necessary!

This retreat will help you discover the true beauty of yourself. You will be offered space in which to grow in love of your unique self more deeply, uncover the riches of your soul and connect with The Divine. You will discover more about who you are, where you may be stuck and where you are being invited to grow.


Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th April

Sessions on Thursday evening; Friday morning, afternoon and evening; Saturday morning, afternoon and evening; and Sunday morning.


This four day residential retreat is being hosted by Othona West Dorset, which offers a warm welcome and comfortable accomodation for between 12 and 20 participants at their retreat centre near Bridport, on the Dorset coast.

Discover more about Othona West Dorset here.


Prices from £270. For more details, see Othona West Dorset website here.


To book, visit the Othona West Dorset website here

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