Begin here: Beloved

And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved” Mark 1:11

Begin here:


Is there any other word

needs saying,

any other blessing

could compare

with this name,

this knowing?


Comes like a mercy

to the ear that has never

heard it.

Comes like a river

to the body that has never

seen such grace.


Comes holy

to the heart

aching to be new,

Comes healing

to the soul

wanting to begin



Keep saying it,

and though it may

sound strange at first,

watch how it becomes

part of you,

how it becomes you,

as if you never

could have known yourself

anything else,

as if you could ever

have been other

than this:


From The Cure for Sorrow: a book of blessings for times of grief. By Jan Richardson

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