What is The Spirit of Wisdom offering  you in in this moment?

Allow this gentle meditation to help you connect to The Spirit of Wisdom within that is always there and ready to guide, help and strengthen.


Take three deep wide breaths filling the lungs up as much as possible. Pause at the end of the inhale and at the end of the exhale. Make the exhale slower than the inhale. 

As you breathe, let you body sink into the chair or ground, releasing tension and letting yourself relax into being held and supported. 

Welcome stillness and begin to let your attention come into your body. 

Scan your body and let the Wise Woman let you know where, within you, she lives. For me she is in my deep core. 

Once you sense her presence begin to bring your full attention to her. 

It may help to place your hands on the part of your body where you sense her. 


Do you have a specific question for her at this time?

What are you experiencing as you connect with her? 

You may want to ask her what you need in this moment.

As your Spiritual Director, I will be a companion on your spiritual journey, creating a safe place to help you discover the truth about yourself, about God and about your relationships with others.