Jesus suddenly appeared in front of them and said “Rejoice”

Jesus gave us great reassurance in his journey through death into resurrection.

It is a cycle that shows up everywhere – in nature, in darkness to light every day and in our own lives.

As certain as we are that death will come, we can be just as sure that resurrection will follow.

As you listen to these words about Jesus rising from the dead allow them to invite you to new life and hope.

Perhaps you are aware of places of death within your own life that are now giving way to a resurrection.

Perhaps you’re being invited to say yes to the new life forming within your heart.

As you hear the story of the women at the tomb you may want to enter it using your imagination.

What can you see and hear? What’s it like in the garden?

What’s it like like to be one of the Mary’s or witness their experience?

How do you feel as you enter the story or watch it unfold?

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