… a space for me to be vulnerable …

This past year has been one of growth for me, and Nicky definitely had a part to play in that.  When I came to Nicky I was in an extremely vulnerable place.  I had slipped two discs four months prior, was having some relationship difficulties and was reassessing and examining everything I’d been taught and lived by in church with a Christian faith.  I was in, or near, an emotional breakdown. 

Nicky provided a space for me to be vulnerable yet held, open and not judged.  She allowed me to embrace myself in all my many facets, express and explore myself and connect it to my spiritual side without condition. 

I’ve started to accept myself, find what lights me up and discover my faith in a deeper way where there really are no rules and regulations and I can find new ways to journey my life and faith. 

Nicky has been a much-needed spiritual companion whose care, compassion, listening ear and own spiritual walk has guided and helped me find my own. 

I would highly recommend having a session with Nicky and seeing how your spiritual side could develop.


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As your Spiritual Director, I will be a companion on your spiritual journey, creating a safe place to help you discover the truth about yourself, about God and about your relationships with others.