Know that you are held in love. Wrapped in kindness. Enveloped in great compassion.

This calming meditation offers space to be seen, known and understood by The Beloved.

We can often feel overlooked, unseen and unnoticed but the Love of the Divine is ever-present, seeing us, noticing and accepting us into lovingkindness, compassion and great grace.

Allow yourself to open and unfurl in a safe space where your vulnerability is met with love…

Into this sacred space we receive the grace to become attentive to compassion, love and kindness. This may be in the form of God, Spirit, Jesus, The Divine or any other names that resonate with you and help you connect to love.

Know that you are held in love

Wrapped in kindness.

Enveloped in great compassion.

In this safe, nurturing space allow yourself to open like a flower opening to sunlight. 

Imagine and experience yourself fully opening, every part of you unfurling – the parts that you celebrate, the parts that are content and hopeful, the parts that are hurting, the parts that are sad, the parts that are angry, the parts that are scared, the parts that are unforgiving. Allow all of it to open without judging it, criticising it or offering it opinion.

Simply let what is present in your life to open and to surface.

Spend a few moments being present to what IS. Notice how it feels to be this open, notice what you’re experiencing as you let yourself open and be seen.

Now as you continue to remain open and experiencing what it’s like, be attentive to love, begin to welcome love, compassion and kindness to all of it. 

Let it all be seen knowing that here there is only compassion, kindness and acceptance. 

Receive the gift of being deeply and fully seen, noticed and tenderly cared for. 

Receive the gift of being held and found in the centre of God’s love and kindness, carried in the heart of love. 

Know that all of what you’re experiencing in life at this time matters deeply and is only responded to with love. 

Remember that all of it is welcome here, embraced in kindness and that you are fully accepted. 

You are seen, deeply know and fully celebrated here in this moment with all of your imperfections and struggles. There is a place at the table for every part of you without judgement. You are welcome here in you fullness and in you fullness are met with love, kindness and care. 

Ask the loving Spirit for what you specifically need in this moment.

Is there any part of you in particular that needs to receive love more deeply in this moment?

Do you notice a particular emotion within you to which love would be a comfort?

Is there a part of your body that as asking to be seen?

You are seen.

You are known.

You are celebrated.

As your Spiritual Director, I will be a companion on your spiritual journey, creating a safe place to help you discover the truth about yourself, about God and about your relationships with others.