Spiritual direction is a holding space for people to look inward and connect with what is divine and sacred.

I found this explanation of Spiritual Direction and how it can help really insighful and helpful. It was written by Laura Fairchild and came through a publication from Spiritual Directors International.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a holding space for people to look inward and connect with what is divine and sacred. One might use the time of deep listening to examine their intentions, reflect on spiritual experiences, and attend to their inner person through their faith framework. Many use the time to broaden their field of attention to God’s presence or the presence of what they know to be their guiding power.

Spiritual direction is the sacred work of reclamation—making space to attend to our wounds and weariness. In this practice we are held and affirmed of our inherent worth; it is a way to honour the self and open the heart.

Who uses Spiritual Direction?

Anyone can begin spiritual direction, however, a seeker typically has a formed concept of their guiding force, accepted belief system, or faith tradition and wishes to deepen their connection with the Divine through that established framework. Essentially, the sessions are for spiritual maturation and not formation.

What is a Spiritual Director?

Spiritual Directors are similar to a local handcrafted beer! They are a true work of craftsmanship as each director has their own style and unique presence. However, you can expect them to listen intently, ask beautiful questions, and be present with your emotions. Sessions are personalised to your individual needs and experience of the guiding force(s) in your life. Your director will meet you where you are while bringing the flavours of who they are for a satisfying relationship.

Why do I need Spiritual Direction?

As humans we are deeply vulnerable, experience loss, and endure day-to-day wear and tear on our spirits. Sometimes we must carry magnificent burdens or live in spaces where our inherent worth and importance go unrecognised. We believe that nourishing spaces of refuge and sanctuary are important to include in our repertoire of self-care in exceptional times and ordinary.

What are the benefits?

Over the course of time with your director you may find that you have greater clarity, feel more grounded, and are more aware of your spiritual needs. Hopefully, you will be more enlightened with a richer understanding of where you are on your journey and where you are going.

If you’d like to find out what it’s like having Spiritual Direction, I offer a free hour long taster session.  To find out more about me and to book a time, please visit my homepage.