How Am I?

How Am I?

Although this medition was offered during the lockdown of Coronovirus, it is applicable at any time…

I was reflecting and connected to this questions – how am I doing in light of this global pandemic we’re facing? How am I navigating this time? There’s no manual. We’ve not been here before and there’s no formula on how to get through. We’ve not faced this before. So I ask…

What’s going on beneath the surface of “I’m fine”, beneath motivating Facebook posts, beneath the news? Beneath the noise – HOW AM I?

It seems important to sit wth the question and visit it regularly. To go beyond how I think I should/ ought to be responding to how I really am, to allow what is to be, to allow what is to be enfold in the gracious tender love of God.

So today we’re going to sit with the question, How Am I?

As way to enter stillness we bring attention to breath, away from the head. We take a few deeper, wider breaths. Here allow the body to sink, body to get heavier, shoulders to fall, allow yourself to be supported and held.

We invite stillness and rest to come. We welcome the presence of love, compassion, kindness, grace. We Welcome the presence of Spirit, God and Jesus. We allow ourselves to be held.

In the space we bring the question, How Am I?

First towards our thoughts…

What thoughts have been coming and going through you in recent days?

They may be recurring, random, fearful.

Allow yourself to remember what thoughts have been coming to you in recent days.

As they come it may help to name them and then place them into the space in front of you that is compassion, love and kindness.

As the thoughts come and you’re able to, surrender them as prayer. In this moment let them go, let them be held in love, kindness and grace.

Feel the weight of them fall away knowing that they’re seen and known.

Now turning to our emotions…

May you recognise that your emotions have been up and down, unpredictable, taken you by surprise.

You may be unaware of how you’ve been feeling simply by getting through and getting on with things.

May be you’ve been numbing your emotions.

Bring attention now to what you’ve been feeling, giving them space to surface.

You may be aware of anxiety, anger, sadness.

Allow them to rise, give them space.

As you become aware of the emotions that you’ve been carrying or have been hidden below the surface it may help to name them and place them in front of you.

Without judgment place them into that compassionate, kind and loving space knowing how you feel is seen and noticed and how you feel matters.

Finally we bring attention to our bodies…

It may hep to focus back into breath and allow it to take you into your body.

As your awareness comes to your body you may notice places that are tight or knotted.

You may be aware of sensations in you body that feel “off”.

As you sit with the sensation, allow it to a voice, to tell you what it needs to say. Give it space to tell you about what it needs, space to be seen, heard and responded to with compassion and kindness.

As we have placed how we’re doing in front of us and have observed our emotions, thoughts and responses within our bodies, know that are held in that compassionate, loving space.

Bring attention to that space now, knowing that God only offers love, kindness and compassion towards all that you’ve been thinking, feeling and sensing.

Know that Holy Spirit is present to you and Jesus is your friend and will help navigate with you how you’re doing.

As you observe the things in the space, something may happen to them, something may change in what you see, something may shift as they’re held in love and compassion.

How does God respond to them?

How does God respond to you?

How does God respond to the things you’ve been carrying?

We welcome the kindness and love of God into our bodies, emotions and thoughts.

We welcome healing and tenderness.

Remain for a few moments in this loving space and receive what is offered and what is needed.

We invite “let it be”.

We invite “all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.”

We invite “we are seen, we are known and we are not alone”.

As your Spiritual Director, I will be a companion on your spiritual journey, creating a safe place to help you discover the truth about yourself, about God and about your relationships with others.