Be Still and Know that I Am God.

To prepare, come to a comfortable position. 

Rest your hands in your lap and bring attention to your breath. 

Become aware of the journey of air through nose, throat, chest and into lungs then to be exhaled.

In the exhale let everything fall away, to let thoughts, demands, to-do lists, worries to fall away.

Allow the chair to hold and support you, dropping out of the head space and simply be with breath.

Welcome breath to bring you to stillness and peace.

Be Still and Know that I Am God

Be Still and Know that I Am

Be Still and Know

Be Still


Welcome these moments to simply be.

This space is a compassionate, kind and loving space. Extend these towards yourself as you simply rest/ be in this moment.

Here, Divine Love is present in her fullness – the kind, compassionate and tenderness of The Beloved is HERE.

Notice what it’s like to be here.

Notice anything that begins to emerge in the quietness.

As things rise to the surface, you may want to name them out loud. You may want to imagine placing them in the compassionate, tender love of the Spirit.

Give the thoughts, feelings and emotions space to be without criticising or judging them. Simply allow them to be.

In this place of simply being, be aware of your body.

Is there any part of your body that feels ‘off’, tense or knotted.

In this stillness allow these body senses to tell you what you need.

Allow any needs to surface. 

You may want to name them. 

As you sit in The Beloved’s loving tenderness towards you you may want to put out your hands to receive all that’s being offered to you in this moment.

Ending with some moments of silence in this simply being space as a way to welcome the love and compassion of Divine Love towards us.

Be Still and Know that I Am God

Be Still and Know that I Am

Be Still and Know

Be Still



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