When feeling out of control.

The days that we’re in at the moment can feel out of control and today we’re looking at those places within ourselves that can feel out of control and how God wants to meet us there.

Lack of control can feel like a great loss, an undesired vulnerability or an unfamiliar guest.

It may cause us to feel discomfort.

It this quiet, still space let’s sit for a while and allow those places where we feel out of control to surface.

We invite peace and rest, allowing tennis to fall away. We leave the thoughts and swirl of our heads and drop into our bodies, into breath. Allow yourself to sink and in this place to be held, loved and met with tender compassion.

Bring attention to any places within that feel out of control.

As they come to you, without judgement or criticism you may want to name those places and place them into a compassionate, kind and loving space. You may want to imagine this space being just in front of you.

As those out of control places are named and placed into the compassionate space know that they are met with the kindness and tenderness of God.

Now bring your attention to how it feels to be out of control. What emotions are present – fear? Anxiety? Frustration? Anger?

Allow these emotions to come and name them if helpful.

Place them into the space in front of you knowing they are surrounded by yours and God’s compassion.

Now turn towards any sense you feel within your body when you consider feeling out of control – knotted shoulders? Butterflies in the stomach?

Do these sensations have anything more to say to you about the places that feel out of control?

What does God offer you in reposes to these places?

What grace is being offered?

What need in you is God wanting to meet?

How does God want to bring reassurance?

In this moment perhaps you’re able to surrender, to allow, to accept not being in control that you normally would be. 

We welcome the love and compassion of Jesus into the discomfort and bring reassurance.

We’re going to remain for a few moments in this space welcoming love and compassion to minister to those parts of us that feel out of control.

We receive the grace that we need.

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know that I am

Be still and know

Be still



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