A meditation for when you’re feeling anxious

Sit in a comfortable, attentive position with your feet on the floor.

Relax your shoulders and be attentive to your breath taking a few deep, wide breaths.

Slowly come to stillness allowing the body to sink, shoulders relax. 

As you continue to breathe let your attention drift slowly downwards through your body to your feet. Notice their connection with the floor. Push one gently into the ground followed by the other. Imagine yourself rooted, held and sustained by the earth.

As we enter this mediation stay in your body as much as possible. When thoughts or distractions come return to your breath or to the sense of your feet rooted into and connected with the ground. 

Begin to notice where anxiety may be living in your body.  

You may become aware of tightness in the neck, knots in muscles, butterflies in the stomach. You may become aware of other sensations that feel like anxiety.

Stay with this process for a few moments, locating and then connecting with the anxiety as it is within your body. We will be silent for a while as you do this. 

Now imagine going into the place where the anxiety is within you and lifting it out of yourself placing it where you can see it in front of you. 

You are now observing your anxiety outside of yourself. 

As you spend some time looking at it what do you notice? Does it have shape or form? Is it still? Does it move? Is it bigger or smaller than you? 

You may want to walk around it and see it from different angles. You may want to rise above it and look down.

As you do this try to avoid analysing it or moving into your head to fix, control or work it out. Remain curious. 

How does it feel in your body to observe your anxiety? What’s coming up in you?

As you watch it does anything shift or change about its form, shape or colour? 

In the quietness of your heart, ask what it is that you’re scared of? It may help to place one or both hands over your heart space as you ask this question. 

We will spend a few moments of silence to allow any response to emerge. Again, try not to analyse or work it out but let your heart and body be the guide. 

Once you are clearer on why this anxiety is present welcome it to be with you,  let it have a voice. 

Imagine the anxiety to be held and contained in a place of compassion and kindness. It’s ok to be afraid. 

You may want to spend a few moments naming what this anxiety is related to.

We now welcome Divine Love to be present with you to your anxiety. The Beloved enters this space with you. 

As you and The Beloved give loving attention to your anxiety to you notice anything change about the shape and form of it? 

Does anything shift inside of you? 

Do you sense Divine Love offering anything in response to these places of anxiety?

Is there any comfort or gift that’s being offered to you?

Imagine the anxiety to be blanketed, encompassed in loving, tender kindness. Receive what you need from this offered compassion. 

Receive the peace you need. 

We will allow some moments of stillness for you to receive what’s needed here. 

Place your hands on your heart and feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest as you breathe. Take three deeper breaths with an extended exhale. 

We end with the words of Julian of Norwich.

“All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”


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