You make yourself known to me when I commit myself into your hands. You are ever my strength and comforter.

Why do You seem so far from me,

O Silent One?

Where do You hide when fears

beset me?

I boast and strike out against

those weaker than myself,

even knowing I shall be caught in

a snare of my own making.

When I feel insecure,

I look for pleasure,

greed grips my heart and I

banish You from my life.

In my pride, I seek You not,

I come to believe, “I am the Creator

of my world.”

I even prosper at times:

your Love seems too great for me,

out of my reach;

as for my fears, I pretend they

do not exist.

I think in my heart, “I do not need


adversity will come only to others.”

My eyes watch carefully for another’s


I wait in secret like a spider

in its web;

I wait that I might seize those who

are weaker than myself,

draw others into my web,

that I might use them to

feel powerful.

Like me, the fearful are crushed,

we fall by our own illusions.

Then we think in our heart,

“I do not deserve Love;

my Beloved has forgotten me,

I am alone with my fears forever.”

Awaken, O Love! O You who created me,

return to my side;

forget me not in my weakness.

Why do I turn my back to You,

and say in my heart, “You will

not take notice of me?”

You do see me. Yes, You know

my anguish and fears;

You make yourself known to me

When I commit myself into your hands.

You are ever my strength and comforter.

Help me break the webs

I have woven,

To seek out and forgive my illusions

until You find not one.

For You are my Beloved forever;

All that is separate from You

will disappear through Love.

O my Beloved, You hear my heart;

strengthen me and answer

my soul’s Cry!

May I live with integrity, as

a loving presence in the world.

May my will be one with your Will!

From Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill

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