The Beloved dwells in the Holy Temple, the sacred altar within our hearts

In the Beloved do I make my retreat.

How can you say to me,

“Flee like a bird to the


for lo, the unloving bend the bow,

fitting their arrow to the string;

they aim to destroy what is good?”

If the foundations of goodness are

undermined, what will remain?

The Beloved dwells in the Holy Temple,

the sacred altar within our hearts,

loving and testing each one of us.

Divine Love offers both the good

and the unloving opportunities

to grow, to become whole,

enduring with Love those who

choose the way of darkness.

Those who walk in the ego’s illusions

will live with fear and doubt;

ignorance will be their guide.

For our Creator is just, gifting us

with free will;

Those who walk in the Light

will behold the Beloved’s face

in everyone they meet.

From Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill

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