May I be as gentle as the doe, as fearless as the lion, as faithful as the dog.

Listen to my heart, O Love Divine;

hear the cry within me!

Heed my prayer from lips that

would utter truth!

For in You do I seek justice!

Be Thou my eyes that I may

see with clarity.

If You try my heart,

if You visit me by night,

if You test me, You will discover

My only desire is to

draw closer to You.

I see the injustice and the


piercing the hearts of your people.

Be Thou my feet that I may walk

along your paths;

that I may be a benevolent

presence on life’s highway.

I call upon You knowing You will

answer me,

Heart of my heart;

incline your ear to me,

hear my words.

Wondrously show your steadfast love,

O Love Divine, You walk beside me

giving me strength to face

the fears that dwell within.

Keep me as the apple of your eye;

hide me in the shadow of your


from all that would separate me

from your Love.

Open my heart that compassion may

be my companion;

Where I meet pride, humble me;

Where I meet anger, calm my fears;

Where eI meet injustice, cause me

to act in love’s was.

May I be as gentle as the doe,

as fearless as the lion,

as faithful as the dog.

Arise, O Heart of Love!

confront all within me

that is not whole!

Deliver me from deadly fears

and doubts, shine

your Light into my darkness,

May my heart receive the bounty of

your Love,

May my children and their children

walk with You in gratitude

and joy.

for I shall behold your face

in Truth,

when I am fully awake,

I shall dwell in the house of

love and peace and joy!

From Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill

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