Your love is… Sweeter also than honey and drippings of honeycomb.

A Lectio Divina meditation on Psalm 19 from Nan Merrill’s book Psalms for Praying

Experience stillness and in the quiet hear what God is offering from these rich and hope-filled words.

The heavens declare the glory

of the Creator;

the firmament proclaims the

handiwork of Love.

Day to day speech pours forth

and night to night knowledge

is revealed.

There is no speech

nor are there words;

their voices not heard;

Yet does their music resound

through the earth,

ad their words echo to

the ends of the world.

In them a tent for the sun is set,

which is like a bride and groom

on their wedding night

as they sing love’s song and

celebrate the dance of life.

Its rising is in eternity,

and its circuit to infinity;

Nothing is hidden from ‘the sunlight.

The law of Love is perfect;

reviving the soul;

The testimony of Love is sure,

making wise the simple;

The precepts of Love are right,

rejoicing the heart;

The authority of Love is pure,

enlightening the eyes;

The spirit of Love is glorious,

enduring forever;

The rites of Love are true,

awakening compassion.

More to be desired are that

than gold,

even much fine gold;

Sweeter also than honey and

drippings of honeycomb.

Moreover, by them are the living


in keeping them there is

great reward.

But who can discern their own


Cleanse me, O Love, from

all my hidden faults.

Keep me from boldly acing in

error; let my fears

and illusions not have dominion

over me!

Then shall I become a beneficial


freely and fully surrendered

to your Love.

Let the words of my mouth

and the meditations of my heart

find favour in you Heart

O my Beloved, my strength and

my joy!

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