I lie down to sleep; if I should awaken, my Beloved is there

This Psalm is read from Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill

Nan says “Psalms for Praying is in no way meant to be replace the well-loved, still meaningful, and historically important Psalms of the Hebrew Scripture. May it stand as a companion, a dialogue, if you will, of one age speaking with a later age. May it serve as an invitation to listen to the Voice of Silence that speaks within your own soul.”

O Beloved, how numerous are my fears!

They rise up within me whispering

there is no help for you.

Yet You, O Beloved, radiate Love

around me, my glory;

gratitude becomes my song,

When I cry out to You,

You answer within my heart.

I lie down to sleep; if I should

awaken, my Beloved is there

holding me with strength

and tenderness.

I feel secure.

Now, I shall forgive all illusions

that my ego tries to build.

For my courage is in You, O Love,

You who are the Lover hidden

in every heart.

Rise up, Love! Set me free!

For through your guidance,

my fears will fade into love.

Free from fear, I will know

the Oneness of Being that

encompasses everything!

I shall be free to serve Love

with a glad and open heart.

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