May every nation come to live in the steadfast Love and Wisdom of the Spirit of Truth!

A Lectio Divina meditation on Psalm 32 from Nan Merrill’s book Psalms for Praying

Experience stillness and in the quiet hear what God is offering from these rich and hope-filled words.

Rejoice in the Beloved, O you holy ones!

Praise is a grace of the loving

Praise the Beloved with songs and reeds,

Give praise with dace and leaps;

Sing a new song, and 

shout with a joyful heart!

For the work of the Creator is truth,

and all creation reflects the 

faithfulness of the Beloved.

Justice and mercy we render to the Holy One,

To the universe filled with Love Divine. 

Through Love Consciousness the heavens

and earth were created,

And all who dwell on earth

by the creator’s breath of Life.

All creation, from the depth of the seas,

Is held together by the Oneness of Love.

May all the earth reverence the Beloved,

may everyone stand in awe

of Love!

For when the Beloved speaks,

it comes to pass;

As Love’s way it guides and directs,

Thus, it stands.

Without Love, the nations counsel

comes to nothing,

the plans of the people are futile. 

The counsel of the Creator is eternal

available to very generation.

Blessed are the nations that listen

in silence and make decisions

with Wisdom’s Counsel;

Blessed are all the people who respond 

to Love’s Way. 

For, the Beloved dwells in every heart

that is open and receptive;

Into our hands, into our hearts,

does the Beloved surrender,

that we might do with Love

what we will.

Do we not know, that the nations

are not saved by military might,

just as generals are not saved 

by their own strength?

All such arms are the outward expression

of greed in fearful hearts;

They will reap only repair, death,

and destruction.

Behold, the Love of the Beloved is stronger

than ten thousand bombs,

more to be desired than the wealth 

of all nations.

Do we not know that to dwell in 

the heart of the Beloved

Is the promise to every nation,

the birthright of all people,

the journey to life eternal?

Our soul years for the Beloved,

for peace, joy and assurance. 

Then will our hearts be glad and sing

songs of gratitude,

Praising the name of the Holy One!

May every nation come to live in 

the steadfast Love and Wisdom

of the Spirit of Truth!

May all peoples work with Love Divine!

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