Commit your life to the Beloved, confident that Love will act on your behalf, Making clear your pathway, bright as the sun at midday.

A Lectio Divina meditation on Psalm 37 from Nan Merrill’s book Psalms for Praying

Experience stillness and in the quiet hear what God is offering from these rich and hope-filled words.

Give no heed to those who are greedy,

attend to those who do wrong.

For, like the green grass of spiring,

they soon fade and whither away.

Trust in the Most High, and seek goodness;

live harmoniously upon the earth

in peace and with assurance.

Take delight in the Beloved, and

enjoy the bountiful gifts of Love.

Commit your life to the Beloved,

confident that Love will act

on your behalf, 

Making clear your pathway,

bright as the sun at midday.

Be still before the Beloved, and wait

quietly in the Silence;

pray for those who prosper by

deceitful means,

and for those who live by

their own desires. 

Recognise your own anger as unfulfilled

desire and,

lift your thoughts to higher planes;

For those who act out of anger,

Separate themselves from Love;

While those who live in harmony,

shall know peace, assurance, gratitude,

and love.

In a little while, those who live with greed,

will prosper no more;

the darkness of ignorance will pass,

as a new dawn enlightens the world.

The lovers of darkness shall perish,

while the humble shall inherit 

the earth, and find

delight in sharing its abundance 

with all.

Those who are greedy plot against the weak,

those without worldly power,

and rationalise their selfish deeds.

The Beloved watches patiently, knowing 

they will stumble and have to face

their own downfall. 

Those with power make war

despoiling nations, 

killing the innocent,

murdering in the name of peace!

O, if only they only knew that their greed

will kill their own spirit;

their hearts will be broken.

How much better is the little of

those who know Love, than

the abundance of the greedy ones.

For the spirit of the selfish will

be broken;

while those who live in love

shall dwell with Love. 

Love walks with the upright,

and their heritage is forever;

In difficult times, they will be assured, 

even in times of famine,

their spirits will be filled.

But those who live by usurped power

will perish;

Like a refining fire, their deeds

will burn and vanish away

in smoke.

Those who are greedy borrow, using

the assets of others,

money they cannot pay back;

The upright are generous and give.

Blessed by Love, they know inner peace,

but the selfish cut themselves 

off from Love. 

Our lives come from the Most Hugh

and Love walks beside those with

open hearts;

Those who know Love are blessed wan

shall be filled with the Spirit;

though their lives may seem difficult,

Love raises them up.

From my birth to my elder years,

I have watched the upright blessed

with inner strength and faith.

Living as beneficial presences in the world,

their children come to know Love. 

Turn from ignorance, and become all that

you were born to be;

thus will you fulfil your birthright.

The Beloved loves justice and will enable

all who call upon Love to grow in love.

The upright of heart will know the

fullness of life, 

their children will be blessed.

Those who give avarice a home,

set their children on the path

that leads to darkness. 

The upright of heart know Silence;

when they speak, it is with

wisdom and justice.

For Love abides in their hearts;

their way is made sure.

Those who do wrong look to justify 


they seek to subdue the upright.

Their greed begets fear and guilt;

they condemn themselves.

Closing their hearts to Love,

they live unaware of their own 

deep poverty of heart.

Desire only Love and walk your days 

with the Beloved;

you will radiate with joy, blessing

others with Love’s presence;

you will know not loneliness with

Love’s Companioning Presence. 

I have seen the greedy ones, their

ways are overbearing,

they puff themselves up with pride.

When I pass them, I see only 

an inflated balloon;

even so, I take time to honour

the divine Spark hidden

within them.

Look at the innocent, consider those

honest of heart;

they leave a rich inheritance

to their children.

But shoe who live with greed, end

their days empty,

they leave a legacy of hollow vanity

to their children.

The saving grace of the upright comes

from the Beloved; 

Love is their refuge in times of 


Love lead the way and they arrive

home safely,

delivered from those who tempt them

with power.

Love invites all to open thirty hearts. 

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