Be in silence

Bask in Stillness

Answer me when I call, O Beloved of my heart!

You enveloped me in Love when I was in dire distress.

Be gracious to me now; hear my prayer!

O friends, how long will my reputation suffer shame?

How long will you listen to false words?

I seek only what is life-giving.

You know that the

Beloved dwells with all who are filled with love;

Love hears when our hearts cry out.

Though you may feel angry,

do not give in to fear;

Commune with the Heart of your heart as you rest;

be in silence.

Bask in stillness.

Face your fears with forgiveness, and trust in Love.

There are many who say,

“Grant us special favours, O Mighty One!

Bestow upon us your grace that we may prosper!”

Love has brought more joy to my heart

than they have when their banks are filled.

In peace will I spend my days and sleep at night;

For You alone, my Beloved,

teach me the way of Love!

From “Psalms for Praying: an invitation to wholeness” by Nan Merrill.

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