O my Beloved, in the morning You hear my voice

Give ear to my words, O my Beloved;

give heed to my groaning.

Listen to the sound of my cry,

my Love, Heart of my heart,

for to You do I pray.

O my Beloved, in the morning

You hear my voice;

throughout the day, I offer myself to You;

I wait for You in silence.

For You are love and You delight

in goodness;

all that is of love walks with You.

The humble stand before You;

You dwell with those who open

their hearts to receive You.

You smile on those who speak truth;

tears from your Heart fall on those

who separate themselves from You.

Through the abundance of your steadfast love

I shall enter your house;

I shall worship in your holy temple

with reverence for You.

Lead me, O my Beloved, in your mercy

lighten my fears;

make your way straight before me

that I may follow,

For there is no truth in fear;

it leads to separation,

it opens the door to loneliness,

it speaks not with integrity,

but out of illusion;

Let this guilt I bear, my Beloved,

be seen in your light;

forgive the many false ways I have,

surround them with your love,

for they keep me separated from You.

Let all who come to Love rejoice,

let them sing for joy!

And protect them, so that those

who live in you love may

dance in your light.

For you bless the peaceful and just,

O Friend to all,

You encircle them with your healing light

and hold them in your love.

As your Spiritual Director, I will be a companion on your spiritual journey, creating a safe place to help you discover the truth about yourself, about God and about your relationships with others.