…enfold me with your love

O my Beloved, though I have turned from You,

continue to enfold me with your love;

Be gracious to me, Heart of my heart,

for I am sad and weary.

Surround me with your healing Light,

that my body, mind and soul might heal.

How long must I wait, O Love?

I open the door of my heart to You,

my Beloved,

Enter in and imbue me with your steadfast Love.

I shall remember You all my days;

I shall sing praised to You throughout the


I am tired of so may fears;

I cry myself to sleep at night, while

grief and feelings of guilt

bedim my eyes with tears.

All my doubts, my fears, are creating walls

so that I know not love.

Depart from me,

you enemies of wholeness,

for the Beloved is aware of my cry;

Love has heard my prayer,

and hastens to answer my call.

Though my fears are running for cover,

yet they shall be forgiven

by Love;

Illusions that lived in the ego

can now turn to the Light:

I will know peace as I

return Home.

From, Nan Merrill: Psalms for Praying

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