With joy are you ever at home in my Heart, as I have always lived in yours.

A Lectio Divina meditation on Psalm 60 from Nan Merrill’s book Psalms for Praying

Experience stillness and in the quiet hear what God is offering from these rich and hope-filled words

O, Beloved, why do I believe that

I can separate myself

from You, feeling like

an alien in a foreign land?

O, that I might return to 

the Light.

You know how I tremble with fear;

help me to break down the walls,

to let go of illusions, for

I want to stand tall.

You have allowed me to suffer

hard things;

You have not prevented my


You, who are Love, gave me leeway

to choose,

to wander far from home. 

O my Beloved, br gracious unto me,

welcome me back into new life,

hear my prayer!

The Comforter came to me:

“With joy are you ever at home

in my Heart,

as I have always lived in yours.

You are mine; I belong to you;

the broken are blessed with


the wayward who turn back

walk with me as love,

walk with me knowing Love.

Let your mind be guided by truth,

your heart informed by wisdom;

then will you know peace and joy.”

Who will enter the Heart of Love?

Who will open their hearts and

know the Beloved?

Who dares to face their fears, to

break down the prison walls, 

to walk with Love?

O Grant us help to answer the call,

strengthen us with pure resolve!

With the Beloved we shall triumph;

with Love we shall be free!

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