A new dawn is rising; great will be the understanding of those who know Love

A Lectio Divina meditation on Psalm 68 from Nan Merrill’s book Psalms for Praying

Experience stillness and in the quiet hear what God is offering from these rich and hope-filled words

Impregnate us with Love, O Comforter!

Let our fears be transformed;

let all that keeps us separated 

and confused flee!

As smoke is blown away, so let our

fears rise up before You;

as wax melts before fir,

let our fears be melted by Love!

Then will we be released

from bondage;

we will exult before the Beloved;

we will be jubilant with joy!


Sing to the Beloved, the Name above 

all names;

lift up a song to our Blessed Friend;

commit yourself to loving Service!


Merciful to the poor and kind to 

the lowly

is the Comforter, who dwells within.

With compassion are the desolate

given a home,

the prisoners set free;

But those who run from Love live

in a parched and.


O Beloved, reach into the hearts

of your people,

enter into the darkness of

their fears;

As the earth quakes, as floods strike 

without warning,

your Presence is within us. 


As the mountains tremble and volcanoes

spew forth ash,

your Presence is within us.

As rain falls in abundance on

desert floors,

restore the lands that they

might flourish,

that the flocks may roam and graze

on fertile fields.

In your Mercy, O Beloved,

You provide for the needy,

for those in peril, 

You are with us always.


A new dawn is rising;

great will be the understanding

of those who know Love;

The darkness of ignorance will

be overcome!

The nations will be united in

their diversity,

living in harmony and with

integrity –

Like the wings of a dove covered

with sliver,

its pinions with gold.

Then will fear be no more,

Love will reign in every heart!


O mighty mountain, mountain of

the Most High,

O Crystal City of the 

New Jerusalem!

Call your people home, out of the

rubble of this dark age.


Who will rise up to the Heart

of all hearts? 

Who will dwell with the Beloved 




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