We shall root our fears our of the darkness with beams of your Love

A Lectio Divina meditation on Psalm 68 from Nan Merrill’s book Psalms for Praying

Experience stillness and in the quiet hear what God is offering from these rich and hope-filled words

A mighty Throng will awaken,

millions upon millions,

to the Beloved who dwells within,

They will hear with the heart’s ear,

with their heart’s eye will

they see.

Even many who knew not Love

will come into the Light.


Blessed be the Beloved,

who daily bears us up,

the Comforter who leads us

to wholeness.

The Beloved calls us to new life,

and guides our feet away

from darkness.


Yes, the Beloved will empower us

with love,

as we face the fears within.

Love ever whispers, “I will break

down the walls of illusion, 

I will shatter the fears

that bind,

That you may walk in a new dawn,

that you may dance with 

light hearts

and spread peace throughout 

the earth.”


Then will there be a great celebration,

O Beloved,

As the peoples come into the 

Light – 

The singers in front, the musicians

will follow,

children will join the


“Bless the Beloved before the


the Holy One, the Giver

of Life!”

All nations will partakes in this

new Life,

from the East and the West,

from the North and the South,

will the peoples come.


Call forth our strength, O Beloved;

stand by us as we break down

the fears that bind us.

Because You dwell in our hearts,

we are strong and live

with courage.

We shall walk among the beasts

that dwell among the weeds,

the doubts that weaken and

confuse us. 

We shall root our fears our of

the darkness

with beams of your Love.

Let all within that separate us


as we stretch out our hands

to the Beloved.


Sing to the Beloved, O nations

of the earth;

sing praises to the One

who is Love,

To the One who gathers the nations

Together, to the Beloved,

whose voice is heard in the 


Ascribe wisdom to the Indwelling Presence,

who invites us to understanding,

and calls us to live in peace.

Majestic is Love in our hearts,

the Beloved, Heart of our heart,

Who gives strength and wisdom

to the people. 

Blessed be the Beloved!



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