Let me come once again to your Table, Beloved, forgive all that separates me from You, that I might be made whole.

A Lectio Divina meditation on Psalm 69 from Nan Merrill’s book Psalms for Praying

Experience stillness and in the quiet hear what God is offering from these rich and hope-filled words

Answer me, O Beloved, for I know of

your compassion;

in your abundant mercy, turn

toward me.

Do not hide yourself from your

wayward child.

Draw near to me as in days gone by,

redeem me,

set me free from my fears as

I repent of my erring ways. 


For You know how I have strayed,

You know my feelings of guilt

and my regret;

my fears are also known to You.

How small I feel when I turn to You;

You who were insulted and spit upon,

whose Heart was pierced with

no one to comfort You.

They gave You no food of understanding,

and for you thirst, they gave

You vinegar to drink.

Let me come once again to your Table,


forgive all that separates me

from You,

that I might be made whole.

Let me see with the heart’s eye;

let me hear through the heart’s ear.

Give me sensitivity to hear

your Word,

and the courage to speak it,

May my home become a house of prayer,

that others might come to bask

in your Presence. 

May those who have been oppressed

and persecuted

come and find safety and solace

within its doors.


Increase my faith as You draw near,

Loving Companion Presence.

May many come to know You within

their hearts!

Surprise them with the Spirt of Joy,

that they might be glad and 



Take heed of my affliction and pain;

let your saving grace, O Beloved,

set met on high!


I will praise your Name with song;

I will magnify You with


For I know this pleases You more

that complaints, or

false promises made under duress.

Let the oppressed see and be glad;

you who seek the Beloved,

let your hearts be renewed.

For the Heart of all hearts hears

those in need,

and pours out Compassion to

those in bondage. 


Let heaven and earth praise the Creator,

the seas and all that dwell


For in the Most High lies our salvation,

the healing of the nations;

And we, the people of the Eternal One,

are invited, we are called,

to co-creation, to co-operation;

thus will future generations inherit

the plant renewed,

and those who live the way of Love

shall dwell with Love forever.





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