Let all the fragmented parts of my being gather around You.

O my Beloved, to You do I draw close;

when all my inner fears well up,

enfold me in your strong arms;

otherwise, like a fiery dragon,

my fears will consume me,

I shall live in my illusions.

O Love, if I have been unkind, unloving

or acted in ignorance,

if I have been unjust to others

seeing my own weaknesses in them,

Forgive me, O Gracious One,

and give me the grace to make amends,

that we may walk again in harmony.

Arise, O Beloved, in your steadfast love,

shield me from the demons within;

Stay near me, Heart of my heart, and

I shall be strong to face

my fears and illusions.

Let all the fragmented parts of my being

gather around You,

help me face then one by one,

Love’s healing presence will mend

all that has been broken;

I shall once again be made whole.

O let the terrible fears that keep me

from loving come to an end!

Establish integrity within me,

You who readily forgive us,

You who call us back Home to love.

My shield is with Love,

who dwells within my open heart.

Love is kind and gracious,

quick to forgive and pleased

to share

the great Mystery of life!

If I close my heart to Love,

the Beloved awaits close by;

Love cultivates the soil of my heart,

planting sacred seeds in its garden.

Take notice! Even should I wander

far from Love’s path,

though I err and walk on roads

of illusion and darkness,

should I act out of fear and


falling into a pit of despair,

Yet I shall dwell with Love in gratitude

and joy;

I shall sing praises to the Beloved

knowing my Oneness with All.

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