I sing of your glory, from the depths of my being, I rejoice and give thanks for your faithful love

Sing praises to the One, who is Love,

who dwells in your heart!

Tell everyone of Love’s wonder-filled deeds!

For those who know compassion

will remember those in need.

Be gracious to me, O Beloved!

Behold what I suffer out of fear,

O You, who awakened me from

a living death,

I sing of your glory,

from the depths of my being,

I rejoice and give thanks for

your faithful love.

The nations are sinking into a pit

of their own making;

into the web which they are weaving,

will they be caught.

Love will make itself known

with a strength stronger than ten thousand armies!

The unloving will have to face


all nations that are unjust.

For the oppressed will be released,

And the hope of the poor will be realised.

Arise, O Love! Have you way with us;

let the nations bow before You

and ask forgiveness!

Let your healing Light stream forth,

O Love,

Let the nations commit themselves

to your Plan!

From Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill

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