Compass Retreat

using LEGO to take a deep dive into our lives

Using the compass as our guide

As you contemplate your own story on this weekend, we will be using the compass to help you orient yourself to which part of your story you want to journey with during our time together.

North speaks of stability, certainty, reliability. It speaks of things in our lives that are pretty set and rooted.

South has a feeling of sunshine, light, celebration, joy – a place we long to be living from.

West speaks to us of loss, which comes to us all in many different forms and guises.

The joy of a new morning, especially if you’ve been experiencing a long, dark night.

Why use LEGO rather than just talking?

Research has shown that the process of making something, which is then shared and discussed, can lead to much more valuable, insightful and honest discussions. The creative, reflective process of making something prompts the brain to work in a different way,
and can unlock new perspectives and reveal new insights.

When we give shape and form to our lives, by constructing and externalizing our thoughts – making them tangible and shareable – we can not only reflect on them ourselves, but invite others to reflect with us.

Using LEGO is a powerful way to connect more deeply with ourselves and the movement of The Divine in our lives. Scientifically 70% of our brain activity is connected to our hands which means that when we use LEGO we are engaging a lot more of our minds. For us, it will also mean that we engage more with our hearts and spirits.


Thursday 24th – Sunday 27th November 2022.

Sessions on Thursday evening; Friday morning, afternoon and evening; Saturday morning, afternoon and evening; and Sunday morning.


This four day residential retreat is being hosted by Othona West Dorset, which offers a warm welcome and comfortable accomodation for between 12 and 20 participants at their retreat centre near Bridport, on the Dorset coast.

Discover more about Othona West Dorset here.


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Bookings are no longer being taken for this retreat.

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