What is my Treasure but your Love? There is nothing upon earth that I desire besides You

Psalm 73 from Nan Merrills book Psalms for Praying


Truly the Beloved is near to those

with open hearts,

to those who abandon themselves 

to Love. 

But as for me, I almost lost

the way, when

my heart was consumed with

my own desires.

For I was arrogant and yearned

for wealth, 

when I saw the power of

the rich.


For they seem to have little


And are appointed well in

all things. 

They buy their way out of 


And lack for nothing that 

power can buy.

Therefore pride is their necklace;

greed covers them as a 


They become puffed up and


Their heart’s ear closed to

Love’s voice. 

They speak with contempt for the

poor, and 

haughtily they threaten


They rationalise their avarice

believing themselves above

Love’s way. 


In turn the people praise them,

and yearn to follow on

their path.

And they say, “Because we are


we are blessed by the 

Most Hight;

surely upright are our ways.”

Behold, these are the ignorant;

always at ease, they increase

in riches.

Has it been in vain that

I have opened my heart,

and washed my hands

in innocence? 

For trouble seems to follow me,

as I weep over the injustice

that seems to blanket the world. 


If I had pursued their ways,

I would have been untrue to

my birthright.

Yet when I tried to understand this,

it seemed beyond my 


Until I say in the Silence and


then a veil lifted and I could see.


Truly they walk a dangerous road

with fear as their constant


For when their wealth is lost,

or disaster threatens to bring

them down,

They will have forgotten the only 


they will be so far from their

true Estate. 


When my soul was embittered,

when I was arrogant at heart,

I was blind and ignorant;

I was like a spoiled child

to its parents.

Still You were ever near to me, 

You waited for me to see.

Now You guide me with your


I am at home in your Heart. 


What is my Treasure but your 


There is nothing upon earth 

that I desire besides You. 

My body and my mind may fail,

but You are the strength of 

my heart

and my joy forever. 


Those who are far from You will

live in fear;

You do not compel them to

open their hearts.

As for me, I delight in walking 

with the Beloved;

I invited the Friend into

my heart,

That I might live with Love.

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