You are the Living Water assuaging our thirst, a comfort in our desert days

Psalm 74 from Nan Merrills book Psalms for Praying


O Beloved of my heart, what does it mean

that I feel separated from You?

How is it that I fear your anger

and condemnation?

I have known your Presence in days

gone by,

when You counselled me as a guide

and a friend. 

I remember your Holy Temple,

within my heart.

In your mercy, direct me once again

before fear destroys me and

leads me too far astray!


Doubt and anxiety have crept into the 

Inner Tabernacle,

erecting walls as a defence.

My mind dwells on hurts of the past

and forcees a dim future.

All the beauty and joy of companioning 

with You

Is lost in the anger that consumes me;

I become a prisoner in my

own being.

I say to myself, “ I will subdue these

fears,” even knowing that

only your refining Fire will 

rout them out.


I do not know my inner self;

how long must I walk alone?

Like many will I fear crying out

to the One, who knows all hearts?

How long, O Beloved, will fear laugh

at my folly?

Will it keep me bound forever?

In your mercy, direct me once again,

before fear destroys me and

leads me too far astray!

You have companioned us forever,

working salvation in the midst 

of our humanity. 

You fashion us together even as

we seek to destroy one another;

You are the Rock as we face the demands within. 

You forgive us when we are

contrite and

nourish our souls in the 


You are the Living Water assuaging

our thirst,

a comfort in our desert days,

our barren ways.

Who is like You?

Yours is the day, yours also the night;

All suns and galaxies are established

by Love Consciousness.

You created the boundaries of the world;

the seasons belong to You. 


When I call upon You, O Beloved,

pride and arrogance flee,

and your strength upholds me.

You revive my spirit, and I live

in peace; for 

You are with the poor in spirit



I shall always remember your covenant,

as the shadows within rise up

to the Light.

Love will stand by as these fears

are released;

in the Silence where we meet,

I shall praise your Name!


Come, O Beloved counsel me with love;

In your mercy, direct me once again

before fear destroys me and

leads me too far astray!

O Companioning Presence, make your

Home in my heart. 

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