those who live with mercy and truth will soar like the eagle

Psalm 75 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying…


I yearn to know You, O Beloved,

to abide in the Peace of Love;

I choose to turn from the ways

of the world, where

ego separates and divides.


“At the set time which I appoint,

I will judge with equity.

When the earth totters with

all its inhabitants,

it is I who keep steady

its axis.”

I say to the powerful,

“Lead with justice and mercy.”

And to the greedy,

“Share your abundance with

those in need.

Let no-one see your acts of mercy,

or know your works of 



For not from the four directions,

nor from the heights or the

depths comes lifting up;

Rather, it is the Most High who

fulfils the balance, 

sifting as a Thresher,

burning as a refining Fire.

For hidden within the heart of 

each soul,

there dwells the Divine Guest,

that knows well our secret


that weighs us in the balance. 


Let us rejoice and be glad!

Let us sing praises to the


As the unjust and oppressors dwell

in the wilderness,

those who live with mercy and truth

will soar like the eagle. 

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