Surely our fear-filled hearts will one day praise You, the gold that comes out of the ashes of our ego.

Psalm 76 from Nan Merrill’s Praying the Psalms…


In loving places, O Beloved,

are You known,

your mercy extends to all

the earth.

Your abode has been established

in our soul,

your dwelling place in our heart.

You break down our walls – 

our anger, fear, illusions

and doubts.

Glorious are You, more majestic

than the everlasting mountains.

That which is haughty within us

is brought low,

our greed brings us to to ruin;

The violence that we harbour

turns in upon ourselves.

In your loving mercy, O Beloved,

You raise us up with Love.


For you fill us with wonder!

You, who know our innermost


You forgive us and raise us up.

From the depths of our soul

You call us to Awaken,

to grow towards harmony

and wholeness.

You well up in our hearts with

the inwards call

to liberate the oppressed

of the earth.


Surely our fear-filled hearts will

one day praise You,

the gold that comes out of

the ashes of our ego.

Abandon yourself to the Beloved

with confidence; and 

receive the blessings of Love

from the Heart of your heart,

From the One who yearns for

your return.

Who welcomes you Home with joy! 

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