Yes, streams came out of the rock, and caused waters to flow down like rivers.

Psalm 78, part 1 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying

Listen well, O Peoples of the earth,

to inner promptings of the Spirit;

Let Silence enter your house that

you may hear!

For within your heart Love speaks:

not with words of deceit,

But of spiritual truths to guide you

upon the paths of peace.

Do not hide this from your children;

teach of the inward Voice, and

help all generations to listen

in the Silence,

That they may know the Beloved and

be free

to follow the precepts of Love.

For the Spirit of Truth is written

upon hearts, that

we might share the Divine Plan,

And model to the children Love’s way

as we have been shown;

That each new generation might honour


the children yet unborn.

Herein lies the hope of the future:

to love as co-creators with

the great Creator,

Not like those who live i


too impatient to wait for Love’s word,

Whose spirits are not faithful to their

Birthright of Love.

Since the birth of consciousness,

armed with free will,

many there are who have rebelled

against the Creator.

They did not keep the great Covenant

But refused to live according to

Love’s way.

They forgot their purpose and the

beautiful Plan,

and all that had been given

as Gift.

Throughout the ages, the Eternal Lover

has shown the marvels of Creation, 

wonders to behold.

Remember how the sea was divided so

the people passed through,

how the waters stood as a wall;

How in the daytime, they were led

with a cloud,

and through the night with a

fiery light.

Recall how the rocks in the wilderness

cracked open,

that the people might drink their

fill as from the deep;

Yes, streams came out of the rock,

and caused waters to flow down

like rivers.

Yet did the people close their hearts,

rebelling against the Most High,

living in a wilderness.

Over and over, they tested Love

by demanding that their desires

be met.

Speaking against Love, they cried,

“Can the Mighty One not spread

a feast for us?

The rocks opened so that water

gushed out

and streams overflowed.

Can we not also expect bread and meat

to be provided for us?”

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