Even so, the Source of all life remains faithful,ever-ready to lead us out of the wilderness,to speak to us in the Silence of our hearts.

Psalm 78, part 3 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying.

How often they tested Love and turned

their backs to the Holy One!

They forgot the power of Love, and

the times that they were saved,

When they were comforted by signs,

and sustained through miracles.

Through all generations the rivers

have flowed,

River polluted by greed.

Through famine and floods, the Beloved

has brought forth new life.

All through the ages, the earth has

yielded its bountiful harvest;

yet, valleys and mountains, forests

and fields have been misused.

Yes, greed has become the great

destroyer of life,

taking without offering back,

consuming the earth with abandon,

leaving death, disease and destruction

in its wake.

We cannot be spared what we have sown;

Generations to come will suffer from

our wilful ways;

their lives will be a mirror to blind

and stubborn hearts.

Injustice, oppression, and greed will turn

back upon hearts of stone;

children unborn will reap a harvest

of lost dreams.

Even so, the Source of all life remains


ever-ready to lead us out of the


to speak to us in the Silence of

our hearts.

Yes, you are our hope, our strength, and

our comfort;

our fears will not overwhelm us.

You will guide us to the New Jerusalem,

to the Mountain of Hope, the

City of Light!

You will be an ever-living Presence

to those who call upon your Name,

to all who open their hearts

to Love.

When, O peoples of the earth, will you

stop testing and rebelling against

the Source of Life?

When will you awaken and live

according to Love,

And attune yourselves to the music

of the spheres?

For as you turn to the Beloved,

listening for Love’s voice within

your own heart,

you will live with integrity,

you will radiate love.

When you call upon the Beloved,

your prayers will be heard;

your needs will be met


The Beloved is a stranger to those

who choose to walk in darkness,

to all who are the enemies of Light.

For You, Love of all loves, gift us

with freedom

To follow the way of Life, or

to live in the shadow of death.

Who will awaken our sleeping minds,

and lift up our hearts to

the Truth?

Who will rouse us from apathy,

quicken our spirits that we might

serve your Plan?

The Beloved awaits our response to

the new dawn,

where the people of the earth will be

united in peace,

Where harmony will reign forever in

the beauty of diversity, and

all nations will bow before

the Most High.

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