You are the Beloved; be gracious to me, Heart of my heart, for with You would I walk all day.

Psalm 86 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying.

Give ear to my cry, O Comforter,

and answer me, for

I am sorely in need of You.

Awaken new life in me, as I yearn

to do your Will;

dispel the ignorance of my ways,

as I put my trust in You.

You are the Beloved; be gracious to me,

Heart of my heart,

for with You would I walk all day.

My soul is uplifted, as I abandon

myself into your hands.

For You are kind and forgiving,

abounding in steadfast Love to all

who call upon You.

Give ear to my prayer, Compassionate One;

listen to my heartfelt plea.

In the time of trouble, I dare to

call upon You,

for you hear the cry of those

in need.

No one is like You, O Mighty One,

all of creation belongs to You.

All the nations are under your authority

and, one day,

they will acknowledge and reverence


they will give praise to your Sacred Name.

For You are great; we are awed by the

wonders of your world,

You alone are the Most High.

Teach me your ways, Mighty Counsellor,

that I may walk in truth;

write my name upon your Heart.

I give You thanks, O Beloved,

with my whole being;

O, that I might radiate your Light


Great is your steadfast Love toward

those who call upon You;

You deliver their souls from

the depths of despair.

O Beloved, numerous fears rise up

within me;

like an army they seek to

overwhelm me, and

they would keep me in darkness.

Yet You are merciful and gracious,

ready to forgive and ever

abounding in steadfast Love

and faithfulness.

Be present to me and receive my prayer;

Imbue me with strength, and

help me to release each fear.

Pour forth your Light into my soul,

that all that is hidden in


May come forth into awareness.

For You, O Beloved, are my redeemer

and my Comforter.

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