O Merciful Beloved, I cry to You; each day my prayer comes before You.

Psalm 88 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying.

O Beloved, Heart of my heart,

I call to You for help by day;

I cry put in the night,

Let my payer come before You,

bend your ear to my cry!

Fro my soul is full of troubles,

and my life seems like dust,

I have fallen into a it of


I have no strength and

I feel powerless,

Like one from whom You have turned,

like the soil people walk upon.

You alone can comfort me in this


in the darkness of fear.

Separation from You is an agony,

hopelessness threatens to

overwhelm me.

Through You alone can I pray for

my enemies,

for those who ignore my plight.

I am in prison, chained by fear;

I am weary of tears.

Every day I call upon You, O Beloved;

I lift up my hands in supplication.

Will You raise me from this

living death?

Will You mend a broken heart?

Let not your steadfast Love pass

me by:

have mercy on me. O Comforter!

Reach your hadn’t into the darkness of

my ego-fears;

by your saving grace forgive

my unholy ways.

O Merciful Beloved, I cry to You;

each day my prayer comes before


Let not separation keep m from

your Heart;

be my strength as I face the

darkness inside.

Too long have I let fear control me,

projecting onto others the demons

dwelling within.

Let your Love encircle and envelop me;

in your mercy raise me up.

Let peace become my companion all day

long; by night

free me from the bonds of fear.

Let me be reconciled with family and

friends; and may I know You,

O Loving Companion Presence,

as in days of old.


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