The heavens are yours, the earth also belongs to You.

Psalm 89 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying.

I will sing of your steadfast Love

forever, my Beloved;

with forthright voice I will proclaim

your goodness to all generations.

For your abiding Love rules the universe,

your faithfulness extends throughout

the firmament.

Your Covenant from the beginning of time

encompasses all who choose to walk

the path of Love;

And to all generations that honour

your Way and your Truth,

will Love make itself known.

Let the heavens praise your wonders,

O Loving Creator,

your faithfulness in the congregation

of the holy ones!

For who in the universe is comparable

to You?

Who among the heavenly beings

is like You –

You, who are reverenced in the council

of the holy ones,

Great in wisdom, gentle of heart, and

one with all around You.

O Most High, mighty are You,

whose Grace is poured forth

throughout all ages.

You have blessed us with oceans,

rivers, and lakes,

to sustain our life on Earth.

Yes, You entrusted the waters into

our keeping,

and in our stewardship we failed.

Forgive us, O Merciful One.

The heavens are yours, the earth also

belongs to You.

Yet we befoul the air and rape

the earth.

Forgive us, O Merciful One.

The north and south, You have

created them;

the east and west as well.

With the might of arms, we shatter

the nations,

and scatter your people.

Forgive us, O Merciful One.

Righteousness and justice are the

foundation of the Cosmos;

steadfast love and faithfulness

go before You.

Blessed are those who know your Love,

who walk in the Light of

your countenance!

Blessed are those who call upon

your Name

and extol truth and justice!

For You are the glory of their strength;

You give wise counsel.

Our very lives belong to You,

O Loving Companion Presence!

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