Your faithfulness and your abiding Love are with us, and in your Name we can do all good things

Psalm 89 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying.

You have made yourself known to the


You set them on the path of peace.

The Gift You sent to teach us Love

invites us to eternal life!

Through the Heart of all hearts,

You opened the way to Life.

Your steadfast Love came among us

giving us strength.

Fear shall not overcome us,

we will not give in to doubt.

For your Love casts out fear

and gives rise to forgiveness of

those who would do us wring.

Yes, your faithfulness and your abiding

Love are with us,

and in your Name we can do

all good things.

Through You is our purpose

made known,

that we might know your Will

and make it our own.

In our gratitude we cry out “You are

the Beloved,

the Most High, our very Breath.”

Through You we are born anew,

the Spirit of Truth comes to us forever,

and your Covenant stands firm

throughout eternity.

We will know You as Loving Companion

Presence now

and in the life to come.

“If your children turn their backs

and follow not Love’s way,

If they oppress the weak and

befriend injustice,

They will separate themselves from


and will dwell with fear.

Even so, my steadfast Love will await

their return,

my faithfulness will remain sure.

My covenant stands true forever as

does the Life that begets life.

You are invited to holiness,

to come to the fulness of

your birthright.

For Love shall endure forever, and

Light as the sun before us.

Like the stars, they shall be established


they shall stand true while the

firmament remains.”

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