O Beloved, your steadfast Love remains, sure and faithful, Your promises endure forever

Psalm 89 from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying.

So often, You seem cast off and

Rejected, as we

your people separate ourselves

from Love.

We renounce the Covenant made with You;

we choose the ego’s fear-filled way.

We build walls to defend ourselves,

walls that lead to loneliness.

The world is rampant with violence,

neighbours striving to outdo one


The nations compete for worldly riches,

Oppressing the weak with deceitful


Yes, when we turn our backs on Love,

we become deaf to the Word

longing to be heard.

We live according to gratification

of our senses,

forgetting the Treasure hidden in

the Silence of our hearts.

Be merciful to us, O Holy One, melt

our hearts of ice

before the hour of reckoning

comes upon us!

How long, O people of Earth, will you

hide yourselves from Love?

How long will your self-centred ways

keep you fearful and living

in darkness?

Remember, O friends, the values that

are eternal;

for vanity withers the soul as

a husk of corn dying in autumn.

Who will come to the Banquet, the feast

of heaven here on Earth?

Who will abandoned themselves into

the hands of Love?

O Beloved, your steadfast Love remains,

sure and faithful,

Your promises endure forever.

Awaken us, O Holy One! And humble us

so we are compelled to cry out

for forgiveness.

In your mercy, help us to release

the fears that veil your Light!

For You alone are the Holy One; You alone

are our loving Creator.

Let all who would be free from fear

commend their lives into

your Hand.

Blessed are You, O Loving Companion Presence,

for ever and ever!


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