The Examen: A meditation to reflect on the day

by Nicky Temple

Gradually walk through the day you’re reflecting upon. Allow it to unfold in your imagination lingering at parts that capture your attention. Walk through this part of the mediation with an attitude of thankfulness asking the eyes and heart of The Beloved to accompany you as you do. Notice people, events, small moments and big moments, small and big pleasures. 

Gently walk through your day again. This time be aware of emotions that were present with you – times you felt alive, at peace, joyful, content, comforted, whole, connected, loved. Give a few breaths to allow these moments to be seen, to settle and to be celebrated. 

Then notice moments that may have felt draining, irritating, sad, painful, parts of the day where you may have felt misunderstood or unseen, less than your best self or fragmented. Bring these moments and memories before The Beloved. Welcome loving kindness to wrap around them. Welcome the healing balm of Love to restore you, to bring you what you need. Allow yourself to be fully seen in these moments and fully accepted. 

Allow one thing from your day to emerge. Trust that what arrives is what is important and contains a gift within it for you, even if it is a difficult moment. Welcome Divine Love to examen this part of your day with you. Perhaps this is an encounter with another person, a moment of deep peace, something that was hard in your day. Whatever it is, spend a few moments giving it space to be seen and responded to. Become aware of what you need here, of how your feel as you sit with it and what gift it may contain. 

Finally, look forward into tomorrow. Receive the grace needed to step into it. Notice feelings that are present as you look ahead. Notice whether you look towards tomorrow with hope or trepidation or something different. What do you need as you look towards tomorrow – strength? Energy? Patience? Courage? Something else. Spend a few moments receiving what you need.

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