Join Jaynee Hodgkins and Nicky Temple on a seven week journey of rich discovery, experiential learning, engagement and loving interaction with others to dive deeper into who you are and how you turn up in this world.

Self-lead the parts of your heart, discover more about who you are, how you move through the world and how to live into wholeness. 

The Enneagram is a deeply comprehensive tool for knowing ourselves and the way we move through life. It tells us how we relate to ourselves, the world and others, and tells us how those with whom we interact do the same in their own unique ways. It is a powerfully transformative vehicle that can take us to greater places of freedom, wholeness, destiny and peace. It goes a long way beyond a personality test and the depths that it opens to us are limitless.

Transform, grow, develop and live more fully from your True Self and discover The Beloved as the source of your life. This seven week course will bring you a wide exploration of the Enneagram Internal Profile alongside “…intentionally synchronising with the various aspects of the heart and bringing them into full relationship with The Divine.” (Fr. Andrew Miller, LCSW).

We will create space for curiosity and unconditional love for the various ‘parts’ of ourselves, allowing us to take a deeper dive into our lives, therefore increasing our capacity for emotional maturity. Our sessions will offer a safe space in which to engage memories and defensive/protective aspects of ourselves, allowing our wounded parts to synchronise with our True Selves.

We will bring our wisest selves alongside The Beloved into every part of us and grow in healthy attachment with ourselves, others and The Beloved. We will discover new ways of seeing ourselves and others, and be led to places of encounter and wholeness with Divine Love. We will be invited to change, to freedom and to more fullness of life in a safe and loving environment.

Our sessions together will be made up of guided meditations, in-depth teaching, encounters and intimate sharing groups, within a safe space of love, kindness and compassion, held and accompanied by one another, by Divine Love and by Jaynee and Nicky, both of whom have a wealth of experience in facilitating groups and accompanying others into wholeness.

Although we will be exploring each number individually, this Enneagram course is more than a simple walk through the numbers, which can be found in many other books and podcasts already. This is a unique offering as it combines parts work with experiential learning, and the opportunity for The Divine to weave through it all.

Get in touch if you would like to attend this course but are unable to meet the financial commitment, or with any other questions.


We will meet weekly on Zoom at 7pm GMT every Tuesday for 2 hours, beginning on 16th January and ending on 27th February 2024 (7 weeks).


Cost £145 payable in full on booking.

Add another person from your household – £20 per additional attendee.

Pay it Forward – feel free to help to pay for spaces for those unable to afford the full course fees by adding an additional amount to your booking.

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Jaynee identifies as a Type 2 (wing 3, wing 1) Archetype “Free Spirit”

By the age of 8, Jaynee knew that she wanted to be a Hospice Nurse and realised that dream. Her interest has always been accompanying those in liminal space. Her experience led her to see grief and trauma as transformational. She has had the privilege of walking beside countless people in times of dying, grieving or transitioning.

Jaynee became a trained Brain Integration Therapist 23 years ago to help her twins and subsequently found that The Beloved brought many people to her, that were affected by adoption and fostering trauma and grief.  

Jaynee has followed her Christian mystic heart since she was 4 and has pursued the Beloved in many ways including Recovery World, NeuroBiology, Neuro Theology, The Enneagram, Inner Healing, Parts Work, Tapping and Embodied practices. She practices everything she teaches.

After years of spending time in traditional religious arenas she began to explore familiar “in between” places.  She now focuses most of her work and time on people who are willing to explore and are committed to seeing things as grey rather than “black & white” and to go to deeper places of healing.

The goal of the last third of her life is to be a safe place for people questioning old patterns, traditional church, purpose, identity, spiritual abuse and sexuality, and explore the deepest places of their hearts that desire attachment.

Her passion is for the young in age, and the young places in everyone that need the touch of The Beloved.  She gets immense satisfaction in living from the whole of mind, body, soul and spirit. She continues the personal work of deeper health, attachment and synchronisation through gardening, centering prayer, walking, reading, travelling, connection, art and music.

She has been married 37 years and her favourite job has been parenting her 26 year old twins who are amazing humans that do their own “parts” work and serve globally. She also loves spiritually Mothering others as the Beloved leads. She has personally worked with The Enneagram and Spiritual Formation for decades along with her Higher Power in order to find deep transformation at the more primitive levels of her heart.

Jaynee is an Enneagram Certified Coach and has been involved in Enneagram training since the 1980’s. She is trained in Faster EFT (Emotional Field Thought Therapy/Tapping) and is a HeartSync Qualified Minister (Inner Healing NeuroBiology Parts Work) and HeartSync Certified Practioner/Teacher.

She is a lifelong learner of healing practices and feels that growing in capacity and allowing for synchronisation of False Self will increase her Joy capacity in the next life.  

For more about Jaynee you can go to: www.JayneeHodgkins.com

Nicky identifies as a Type 4

Nicky has been a spiritual seeker her whole life, growing up in an Anglican environment and then encountering a relationship-based christianity in her early adulthood. Her love of the Trinity took her on a deep, wide journey of encounter, insight, healing and love. 

Nicky now calls herself a contemplative and hugely values stillness, silence, centering prayer and being in nature as daily practices. She also loves liturgically focussed practices, poetry and Lectio-Divina. Her faith is integrated into the here and now, and the line between sacred and spiritual has dissolved – wild swimming, eating with friends and cuddling her Yellow Labrador Moth are all spiritual for her. 

Nicky is a mystic and intentionally walks this path, gaining more understanding of the depths of a mystic’s road as she travels. She frequents places of unfamiliarity and mystery knowing that they contain great gift. As part of this journey, she has come to know the God of many names which she discovers to be liberating and which offer great richness, safety, comfort and belonging. She also has a great passion for The Beloved as Mother and for rebalancing the heavily male influence that has existed in christianity since Jesus.

Nicky’s an introvert and a pretty healthy four on the Enneagram. As a four she loves meaningful connection with people, which means that friendship is hugely important. Creativity is a big part of her life – including writing, poetry, painting and fibre arts – these are threads that run through everything she does.

Her formal training as a spiritual director was with The Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction in Amsterdam, and she has accompanied others on their spiritual journey for over 25 years, through many different seasons, struggles and suffering in their lives. She has also had many years of experience working with the body as a Pilates Instructor, Health Coach and Personal Trainer.

She’s experienced in working with the body through Bio Spiritual Focussing which gives space for the body to offer its wisdom and then receive healing. She also uses Internal Family System’s in her work as a Spiritual Director. Her Spiritual Direction Practice continues to grow with directees across the globe. She is regularly facilitating in-person and online retreats, Wisdom Circles and Schools. She also develops and offers mediations and courses online. 

She has a great love of people and is told that she is a very safe space that offers welcome, compassion and loving presence. 

You can find out more about Nicky and her work at www.nickytemple.co.uk

I offer online courses and wisdom schools on my own and in collaboration with other wonderful teachers. I also offer downloadable courses for you to do at your own pace.